Microsoft PowerApps

Microsoft Power Apps

​​Cut Business Loose From the Desktop​

Don’t chain your people to the office. Enable your team members and partners the flexibility to do business from any mobile device. With Microsoft Power Apps, you can give your business processes a custom mobile platform, allowing your team to work effectively from anywhere with a variety of mobile devices.

Turn Expertise into Apps

Microsoft Power Apps present an easy-to-use, intuitive interface that allows efficient development of custom business applications. We make sure your apps have the look, feel and branding you want it to have. Virtually anyone can make, change, or work with an app through the Microsoft Power Apps platform. Realize your vision easily and enhance when you need to. The “no-code” nature of Microsoft Power Apps also safeguards against security threats. A solid foundation and Microsoft support allow for long-term use and functionality.

Connect Your Apps to the Data They Need​

Integrate with Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office 365​, and other tools essential to your daily functions. Connect your apps to purchase orders, vendors, invoices, and additional business processes to run efficiently and smoothly. Microsoft Power Apps makes connecting with your business data easy. Marquam can customize entities and form fields, and automate workflows with third-party apps and just about any other data sources you may have.​

Publish Quickly

Start leveraging your apps soon! With Microsoft Power Apps, expedited delivery is not only possible, it's the standard. Microsoft Power Apps doesn’t require coding, allowing us to conceptualize, create, revise, and publish your business app quickly and easily.

Bring your essential​ business processes onto your team’s mobile devices. Untether your data from the desktop, and let your team do business on the go with Microsoft Power Apps.​


​​Download the Microsoft Mobile Application Platform White Paper