Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms

​​​​​​​The Forms You Need, How You Need Them

Processes and workflow depend on good data. Forms are an essential way to store a​nd share that data, and Nintex Forms offer powerful solutions to create forms that suit the needs of your work and data-flow.

Support Your Workflow with Custom Forms

In the past, organizations have followed a “paper to screen” philosophy for the creation of digital forms. However, this only led to unwieldy digital documents replacing unwieldy paper ones. Nintex Forms allow you to create digital forms that only show users what they need to see. Overly complex or unnecessary components are left behind in favor of leaner, faster data.

Design in a Click

Design forms with clicks, not code. Any member of your organization will be able to craft the specific forms they need for their workflow or department with Nintex Forms’ simple, easy-to-learn system. Never lack for a necessary form: Simply create what you need, when you need it.

Different Devices, Same Form

Collaborate with your team across platforms. Nintex Forms ensure team members working from mobile devices are still connected. Whether a collaborator is using iOS, an Android device, or a Windows Phone, Nintex Forms deliver the proper forms for your organization. Multiple operating systems can operate with identical forms, so you only need to design a specific form once.

Include the Assets You Need​

Nintex Forms recognize and work with the features and metadata your team needs built into forms. Our dedicated mobile app supports features such as geolocation, bar codes, taking and editing photos, and more. Include the necessary data you need in your particular organization or process, regardless of media or format.

Nintex Forms allow you to create lean, flexible forms to power your process and workflow. Don’t get bogged down by forms unsuited for your organization. Customize the forms you need with Nintex.

Download the Forms-Driven Workflow Solutions White Paper​​