Nintex Hawkeye

Nintex Hawkeye

​​​Get the Most O​​ut of Your Processes With Nintex Workflow Analytics​

Just like your team members, processes are an asset for your organization, and workflow analytics are how you gauge that asset’s performance. Nintex Workflow Analytics is your window into the inner workings of one of the most essential but least understood components of your overall organizational effectiveness. View metrics, tasks, and data at a glance. Don’t just automate your workflow — understand it.

Get a Bird’s-eye-view of Workflow Processes with Nintex Hawkeye

See both the big picture and the details. Zoom out to get a broad overview of your organization’s processes, trends, and patterns, or focus in on individual tasks and jobs. Nintex Hawkeye gives you different lenses and points of view from which to examine your processes. See which departments and team members are doing what, and how long everything from large projects to routine tasks takes to complete.

Gain the Data for Your Decisions

Good decisions need good data. Nintex Workflow Analytics allows you to monitor processes and users in real time. Crisp, intuitive visualizations provide you with actionable insights at a glance from any device, be it a phone, tablet, or desktop. Fine-tune and calibrate workflow, find out which processes work well, see what needs improvement, locate bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency for your team and organization. Address issues before your users encounter them with data-driven decisions and improvements.

Create Dashboards with a Click

Nintex Workflow Analytics allows you to create dashboards quickly and easily in a few clicks, either with pre-built templates or custom dashes. Using Microsoft Power BI, you can be up and monitoring workflows in minutes. Nintex Workflow Analytics also integrates with other industry-standard OData APIs. Don’t settle for generic dashboards: Build the display that matches your data.

Make Your Processes Work for Y​ou​

Create workflows and give yourself necessary data in a fast, actionable way. Demystify processes and turn your team’s work patterns into an asset that leads to optimal allocation of resources and effective decision-making with Nintex Workflow Analytics.

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