Nintex Workflow

Nintex Workflow Automation

​​​​​Craft a Workflow That Works for You

Your work processes should work for you. Orchestrate workflows for developers, businesses, and IT professionals with Nintex Workflow, a third-party tool for SharePoint. Nintex Workflow provides the smoothness, connectivity, and intuitive workflow-creating tools you need to turn your team into a finely tuned engine. 

​Don’t let lack of data, miscommunication, or inefficient workflows stop you. Create an environment that enables productivity to flow through each of your expert team members.

Automate Processes with Ease

Drag, drop, and copy work items with clicks, not code. With Nintex Workflow’s intuitive interface, every member of your team will have the ability to design process apps and digital workflows. Schedule tasks, set up automation, and organize data quickly and easily, so your productivity is focused on doing tasks, not managing them.

Nintex’s Workflow syncs with existing business applications and cloud services using Nintex Workflow Cloud, ensuring smooth integration between your new workflows and preexisting assets.

Data Delivered from Cloud to Device

Bring your team together across platforms. With Nintex Workflow, your processes flow easily from platform to platform and location to location, regardless of device or type of data. Nintex Workflow Cloud gives you the means to integrate your workflow across business applications. Create automated notifications over email, instant messenger, or SMS to ensure your team is always updated on your processes.

Create Workflow with the Tool You Know

Nintex Workflow pairs with the proven Microsoft Office tools your team already knows, and works in concert with SharePoint. Nintex Workflow is built to work seamlessly in the SharePoint product ribbon without any importing, exporting, or middleware. Deploy hybrid workflows with both on-premises and cloud applications, and integrate all aspects of your pre-existing Microsoft-based work environm​ent into your new organizational processes.

Nintex is the cloud-based solution that gives the flexibility your team needs to create organization and automate workflow over platforms, devices, and applications, saving you time and money.

​Download the Successfully Migrate Your Nintex Workflows White Paper​​