Azure Active Directory

​​Manage Identity Safely and Securely​

Trying to remember and manage passwords and usernames is an​ easy way to lose time and productivity. It slows you down, breaks workflow, and introduces delays and roadblocks into otherwise productive work sessions and meetings. Passwords are also becoming less and less secure, and effective security requires a more comprehensive strategy.

Azure Active Directory offers both increased convenience and increased security for your cloud-based applications. Manage who can access your directory with efficiency, remove impediments to productivity, and promote active cloud security.

Instant Access to the Tools You Know

Azure Active Directory allows your team to be constantly and seamlessly connected to your resources. It also meshes with the Microsoft products that your team already uses on a daily basis such as Office 365 and other Microsoft software-as-a-service products. Azure Active Directory can also include non-Microsoft cloud applications for Android, iOS, and more. Manage everything​ and allow your team access to easy self-service with a single active directory.

Optimize Security and Convenience

Azure Active Directory offers a degree of security for your data and applications above what traditional logins provide. Safeguard access with Azure Multi-Factor Authentication, both for on-premises and cloud applications. Rest easy knowing that your business is protected with alerts, monitoring, and machine learning that can spot inconsistent and suspicious patterns. Azure Active Directory offers continual assurance that data protection is an active, always-on process.

Don’t compromise between convenience and security. Improve your operations while simultaneously instituting better protection with Azure Active Directory.

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