Microsoft Azure Data Center

Azure Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the Worst With Microsoft’s Best

​Even an hour of downtime can be costly for many enterprises. Outages, natural d​isasters, and other catastrophes do happen. When they do, be prepared. Make sure that your business has the tools to bounce back from an outage in minutes, and to maintain preparedness efficiently.

An Affordable Option for Data Protection

Traditionally, the way to prepare for disasters was to build a secondary data center. However, such a project is a costly and involved undertaking. Now, though, there’s a better way to safeguard your data. Access a flexible, cloud-based enterprise solution to put your data back to work again. Automate replication to virtual machines with policies that you control, and also safeguard VM ware, Hyper-V and physical servers. 

​When disaster does hit, be back on your feet in minutes. Tap into the resources of Azure Site Recovery to make sure that an outage is a momentary inconvenience, not a costly catastrophe. Azure Disaster Recovery also protects and supports a wide range of enterprise applications, so you’ll have your apps when you need them most.

Prepare for Disasters Before They Strike

When something does happen to your data, the last thing you want to deal with is uncertainty. Azure Disaster Recovery makes testing your business continuity plans or workloads a regular and routine, so your systems are at their best when the worst happens. Azure Disaster Recovery also makes it easy to incorporate and test new applications, so that your architecture is always prepared.

Disasters happen. Face them confidently with Azure Disaster Recovery.

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