Microsoft Azure Data Center

Azure Hybrid Cloud

​Manage Data With Security and Scalability​

There’s more data than ever before, and businesses have to​ manage it. If you’re looking at a data plan, it’s easy to get bogged down in the particulars or become overwhelmed with options. Private clouds offer security and control, but come with a large cost of ownership. Public clouds relieve businesses of having to manage their own clouds, but at the cost of control. Azure Hybrid Cloud and Azure Storage offer you the benefits a private cloud while letting someone else do the heavy lifting of data management.

The best of both worlds

Azure Hybrid Cloud connects you with the benefits of both a public and private cloud. Enjoy the control that comes with an on-premises cloud with the option to scale up to the public cloud. With Azure, you’ll never have to deal with the barrier between the data center and the public cloud. Develop and deploy scalable solutions for the private cloud, public cloud, or both.

A user-friendly cloud option

Don’t pay for the whole data center. Azure is a pay-as-you go service, ensuring that you only invest in the cloud solutions you need. You can also manage who has access to your network and how. Manage identity with Azure Active Directory​ with only a few clicks and give remote team members the same type of accessibility they would have on-premises.

Azure also puts you in control, giving you insight into your infrastructure. Stay connected to your workloads with search, query, and analytics, and guard against data loss with other Azure tools such as Backup and Site Recovery​.

Focus more on running your business and less on managing data with Azure Hybrid Cloud.​

​​​Download the Microsoft Azure Stack​ White Paper​​