Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Online

​​​​​Collaborate Anywhere on Any Device

Microsoft SharePoint has been a catalyst for teamwork for over ​a decade. A central part of Microsoft Office 365​, it provides users with the power to create organization-spanning intranets that unify tasks, ease management, promote cooperation, and encourage teamwork.

Now, Microsoft SharePoint Online offers the collaborative features of SharePoint without the overhead of operating your own infrastructure. Stay updated, compliant, and connected with the content management you’ve come to rely on, but seamlessly woven into an online experience. Keep all your content integrated into a single company intranet platform that your team members can access any time from their laptop, tablet, or other mobile device.

An Intranet in Your Pocket

Team members can now access company information anywhere with the Microsoft SharePoint mobile app. Extending productivity to phones and tablets removes barriers to productivity and ensures team members are available to each other regardless of time, distance, or type of device they work from. With Microsoft SharePoint Online, your company’s intranet is in your pocket.

Collaborate Online with Proven Tools

Microsoft SharePoint is your team’s nexus for sharing ideas, insights, and expertise, and Microsoft SharePoint Online seamlessly meshes with the dependable Microsoft Office tools your organization is already familiar with. Share text documents, spreadsheets, images, and more with ease and security.

Insights on Demand

The starting point and hub of Microsoft SharePoint Online is SharePoint Home. SharePoint Home offers you a comprehensive view of your organization’s activity, metrics, and assignments. Monitor new and existing tasks, find documents easily, and spend less time searching for files with SharePoint Home’s intuitive interface. Microsoft SharePoint People Cards allow you to keep track of which team members are working on which assignments and helps you better match expertise to a given task.

Security and C​ompliance

Security is essential for practical and legal reasons, as well as for basic peace of mind. Microsoft SharePoint Online is scalable and secure across all integrated devices, offering best-in-class security. Like its predecessors, Microsoft SharePoint Online includes encryption and data-loss prevention investments that ensure your data is protected, all without sacrificing end-user flexibility or productivity.

Microsoft ​SharePoint Online is the fast, mobile, and agile solution for teams who need to close the distance between each other and stay connected regardless of time, place, or platform.

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