Microsoft Skype for Business

Skype for Business

​​​​​Come ​​​Together and​ Do Great Things

​Don’t let distance hold your business back. With Skype for Business, planning a worldwide meeting is as easy as striding into a conference room. Unite your team in real time to​ collaborate, share information, and grow your business. Individual users can join the conversation from their platform of choice, be it a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Call a Meeting from Across the Globe

The modern organization includes staff, contractors, and partners, many of whom maintain separate offices and schedules. Skype for Business can accommodate up to 250 participants at once to ensure everyone has a seat at the table. That’s not just a meeting — that’s a convention. All the while, rest easy knowing every participant’s data is protected with Microsoft’s proven security and authentication.

Collaborate with Brilliant Video and Sound

Present your best self to your team and clients with HD video and sound. Skype for Business includes head tracking and auto-cropping, so you can be as dynamic as you are in-person and still appear visible, clear, and well-framed — no matter where you are in relation to your camera and microphone.

Create with Built-in Tools​

Collaborate with your team as easily as you would in front of a whiteboard. Share ideas and information using tools like PowerPoint, polls, screen sharing, and built-in IM. Skype for Business​ is more than just a format to make your voice heard. It lets you bring everything you have to the table.

Make the world your conference room. Let your world-spanning team plan, discuss, and create with Skype for Business.

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