Azure Data Lake

Azure Data Lake

​​​Dive Into Big Data With Azure Data Lake

Data management and analytics are a fact of life for modern businesses. With the right analytical strategy, data can be leveraged to predict industry trends, patterns, and customer behavior. But setting up that a big data strategy can be a daunting task. Microsoft Azure Data Lake offers an easy, affordable way to begin using the power of big data.

Store and Work with Massive Data

With Azure Data Lake, you can store immense files — as large as a petabyte — or trillions of smaller records. Don’t worry about rewriting code to cut large objects down to size. Instead, store all data as is, saving your team time and effort. Massive parallel analytics allow you to glean value from data regardless of how structured or unstructured it is.

Microsoft Azure Data Lake does this by running on a custom language called U-SQL, which is specifically designed to handle massive, parallel data analytics. This custom design allows for a new level of scalability and flexibility, and is why Azure Data Lake can handle files up to 200x larger than other cloud stores. Whatever your business data needs are, Azure Data Lake can handle them.

Pay Only for What You Need

With Azure Data Lake, you can choose either a pay-per-job or an on-demand model. In both cases, you’ll pay for only what you require and avoid spending on hardware or expertise you don’t need. Don’t rush to invest in the wrong analytics strategy or pay for hardware or personnel that may or may not be essential to your data needs. Instead, choose how you pay and what you pay for.

Get Going Quickly and Integrate with Existing Tools​

Microsoft Azure Data Lake is easy to set up and integrates with the existing, reliable IT investments you already use. It also comes with the same security, support, and reliability common to all Microsoft products. 

If you’re ready to start using the power of big data, look no further than Azure Data Lake for an affordable, immediate way to turn data into valuable insight.

Download the Thermoplan Azure Data Management Case Study​​​