Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning

At the Edge of Predictive Analytics

Real-time insights and predictive analytics sound incredible but getting there requires a combination of cutting edge technologies. Azure Machine Learning enables better client experiences for performance-critical applications. It all starts with a machine learning (ML) model that automatically gathers information, runs​workflows and shares the results with key stakeholders. The combination of Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft Artificial Intelligence​ will help you create productivity tools that take your organization to new levels of efficiency.

One of the keys to success with machine learning is making models open-source. Counter to many other proprietary technologies, the largest technology companies in the world agree that open-source modeling is the only way forward. Microsoft, joined by Alphabet, IBM, and OpenAI are paving the path with open-source technologies. Microsoft offers the Azure Machine Learning Service, Machine Learning Studio, and a whole suite of Cognitive Services. The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit has been praised as a 'Top 8 open source AI technologies in machine learning' by and Microsoft's commitment to these tools is unparalleled.

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