Microsoft SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

​​An End-to-End Data Warehouse Solution​

Every minute more data exists than the minute before and your busi​ness collects it from devices, social media, CRMs, websites and more. What are you doing with it​​​​? How do you capture and hold that data in a way that’s accessible, efficient and affordable? The Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a cloud-based enterprise storage platform that allows you to capture massive amounts of diverse data your business encounters every day, transforming it into valuable business insights.

End-to-End Data Transformation

The Azure SQL Data Warehouse ingests, stores, and prepares your data for analysis. That way, the massive and varied amount of data that your business takes in on a daily basis is ready for analytics at whatever scale you require. That raw data and organization establishes the foundation for a mature business intelligence program.

Scalability in Performance and Cost​

The Azure SQL Data Warehouse is easily scalable and can handle workloads from large to immense. It also decouples compute and storage, so you only pay for precisely the resources you need. You can pause and resume at any point, saving further resources. Azure SQL Data Warehouse also works with existing Microsoft technologies and third-party tools. Your data insights can integrate quickly into other applications, allowing you to nimbly go from analysis to insight.

A Trusted, Proven Resource​

The Azure SQL Data Warehouse is an established solution, successfully implemented by hundreds of Fortune companies and organizations. Enterprises both domestic and international​​ trust it to transform their data and their business.

Get the business insights you need, when you need them and how you need them. SQL Data Warehouse helps transform your data into valuable insights.​

Download the Microsoft Data Warehouses and BI White Paper​​​