Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI

​​​​​​​​​Transform Intelligence to I​nsight

When your team develops reports that bear cross-departmental significance, do you have to scramble to keep stakeholders in the know? Are you constantly hunting down information? Are your business units staying equally informed? The modern enterprise can no longer afford to maintain data silos; if your left arm isn’t working in harmony with your right arm, it’s time to assess your core.

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools built to analyze data, share information, simplify reporting, and unite your business. It’s like a team of data scientists at your fingertips, waiting to deliver key insights to you in real time. But instead of dense, complex reports, you get the metrics that matter in a user-friendly interface.

Solutions for Your Whole Organization​

Traditionally, reporting has been regulated to data analysts, but as the volume of data has ballooned, so has the cost of a data analyst. For those looking to establish an analytics-based competitive advantage without making an expensive hire, Microsoft Power BI remains the optimal solution for a variety of reasons. 


Pre-built dashboards crafted by experts provide a 360-degree view for users, featuring critical KPIs in one place, automatic updates, and availability on all devices. The intuitive user experience makes it easy to answer any questions, and you can access your data anywhere with the Microsoft Power BI mobile app. Additionally, Power BI has connections to more than 50 business applications, meaning you can sync with virtually any dataset, regardless of what it contains or where it’s stored.

Desktop and mobile

Microsoft Power BI Desktop gives you the power of visual analytics, where you’re a click away from gathering data into interactive visualizations. Combine data from siloed databases using tools that help you understand, fix, format, publish, and share. With more than 20 built-in visuals, you have the power to craft stunning reports that get your message across, regardless of who you’re talking to. The Microsoft Power BI app (available for Windows, iOS, and Android phones) will keep you informed when on the go, with a touch-optimized experience that lets you view reports and dashboards anywhere, anytime.


One of the most exciting parts of Microsoft Power BI is its ability to amalgamate all of your organization’s data. Whether your information resides in the cloud or on premises, Microsoft Power BI gateways enable you to connect your dashboards to Analysis Services models, SQL Server​ databases, and many more sources. Even if you’ve already built reporting applications, you can embed Power BI reports and dashboards to standardize the user experience. When you keep your data up to date and easily accessible, you ensure your entire organization stays nimble and ready.

​Don’t let dark data get you down; get in touch with us today to see how Microsoft Power BI can shed some light on your most valuable information.​​

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