Microsoft Bot Framework

Microsoft Bot Services

​​​​Bots Your Users Will Love

Bots can be a fun, easy-to-use way for your users to navigate your applications. With the power of artificial intelligence, Marquam makes bot assistants that answer questions, direct users, and even​ take payments for products and services. Microsoft’s Bot Services give us the tools to build smart bots, which can modernize your legacy applications and delight your users.

Communicate Naturally

With Microsoft Bot Services, our team crafts bots that will interact with users in a natural, conversational way. This conversation can happen with speech, text, or some combination of both. Conversations can be either guided (like going through a menu of options) or freeform, with customers asking questions that pop into their head. Either way, we can craft the type of interaction you need to optimize customer experience. 

Bots also recognize more than just words. Microsoft Bot Services also include Microsoft Cognitive Services, which allows us to build bots that recognize images and video. The Bot Builder provides software development kits for .NET​​ and Node.js platforms, two powerful toolsets that allow us to fine-tune your bots to suit your specific needs.

Global presence with an international audience? Microsoft Bot Services also offer translation services for over thirty languages. Enabling customers from all over the world to interact with your artificial assistants wherever they are.

Integrate Bots with Existing Services

Conversations with bots can be combined with other functions and tasks. Microsoft Bot Services allow us to integrate speech and text bots with buttons, cards, and — through the Bot Connector — they can also work with numerous collaboration platforms such as Skype​ and Slack. Connecting bots to your existing communication tools means that talking to them is as easy as texting a friend. And it’s not limited to communication — bots can even take payments via Microsoft Wallet. They can guide your customers through their entire purchase experience from initial inquiries to final sale.

Management and Diagnostics

If something goes wrong, Marquam can always manage your bots through the Microsoft Bot Framework portal. Providing diagnostic tools and web chat control that enables us to debug your bots with an emulator that allows us to see what your users see. With a robust tool kit, our developers can customize your bot easily so that added features are always close at hand. Your customer service representatives are always learning. Your bots should be too.

If you’re looking for high-performing, intuitive bots, then let Marquam​ and Microsoft Bot Services craft frictionless user experiences that are as easy as talking to a friend.

Download the Microsoft Bot Framework Documentation​