Microsoft Cognitive Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services

​​​​​Intelligent Apps — Built Intelligently 

Imagine apps that can listen, apps that can recognize you, and apps that can have an end-to-end conversation. Microsoft’s Cognitive Services enable our team to build easy-to-use apps that do exactly that. Microsoft Cognitive Services provide Marquam with the machine learning​ tools necessary to make engaging apps with intelligent features that empower your users. These apps can be built so their functionality and capability lead to powerful, compelling user experiences.​

Apps That Can See, Hear and Speak

Interacting with your apps has never been easier. Microsoft Cognitive Services allow us to build apps that can communicate with your users in a natural and intuitive manner. They’re not limited to just working with spoken or written words. These apps can also see the world around them. Their capabilities go​ far beyond simply recognizing everyday or nonmoving objects.

Through image processing and machine learning, Microsoft Cognitive Services have knowledge of people, movement, with situational awareness. The apps we build with Microsoft Cognitive Services can recognize faces as well as understand individual expressions. They can also discern human characteristics like age, gender and even emotion. While working with spoken language, intelligent apps can recognize the subtleties of human communication such as sentiment or tone of voice.

Give Your Apps a Broad Knowledge Base

With Microsoft Cognitive Services, Marquam has access to an immense sea of data, enough to recognize hundreds of thousands — if not millions of objects. With that knowledge and considerable data processing through the Microsoft Azure Cloud​​, apps can make specialized, intelligent recommendations to users by tapping into the power of semantic search. That means that your users ​can get recommendations from your app just like they would from a knowledgeable, attentive concierge. Through sophisticated machine learning and data use, these apps can anticipate and recognize what users want, and users will be drawn in by a deeper level of engagement.

If you want intuitive and intelligent apps your users can interact with as simply as speaking, with Microsoft Cognitive Services, Marquam delivers.

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