Microsoft Xamarin

Microsoft Xamarin

​​​​​Create Custom Cross-Pl​atform Apps

Mobile apps are engineered to reach users anytime and anywhere. H​owever, they could be on mobile devices with varying operating systems from Apple iOS and Google Android to Microsoft's Windows phones. Designing custom versions of your app across all of those operating systems is time-consuming and expensive. You could try to create an app that works on all of them equally well, but often, trying to create a cross-platform app can introduce errors, bugs, and unexpected issues that rise up from not using a platform’s native coding language. Thus the differences in hardware and software can affect how your app performs.

There is a solution. With Xamarin, Marquam creates cross-platform native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows​. These apps are all truly native to their respective platforms and our developers craft them with a single, seamless platform.​

Xamarin Apps are Native Apps

When we make apps with Xamarin, they look and feel just like apps written in that platform’s native coding language. With Xamarin Native User Interfaces, we can see what your end user will see. This lets you eliminate guesswork and our team can accurately customize an app’s user experience with clarity and specificity. Xamarin apps also make use of platform-specific hardware, so that each app performs as if it were specifically programmed for a given user’s device. User experiences with apps Marquam creates in Xamarin are as smooth and seamless as any other app. After all, it doesn’t matter to your user whether something was created with Java or C#. What matters to your users is how well it works and if it meets their needs.

If you’re looking to create dynamic, functional, and cross-platform native apps, Marquam can create your vision cleanly, efficiently, and easily with Xamarin.

Download the Anatomy of a Native App White Paper​​