Microsoft SharePoint Discovery and Planning

SharePoint Discovery + Planning

​​​​​You rely on Microsoft SharePoint to manage content and facilitate collaboration, but are you ready to adopt the next version?

Our SharePoint Discovery and Planning combine into an assessment designed to provide you advice and guidance on how to move to Microsoft SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online, or a hybrid​ implementation. With a combination of discovery and documentation tools and a series of onsite workshops, we work closely with your team to understand current issues, evaluate future needs, and deliver practical recommendations.​


Before you take the first step of any journey you need to know exactly where you stand. Our assessment produces a complete inventory of your Microsoft SharePoint environment, used to develop planning for future phases of your deployment.


Our SharePoint and Office 365 stakeholder workshops identify specific opportunities and constraints associated with migrating your environment. This is critical to properly identifying possible future architectures including options for hybrid configurations.


Based upon decisions from your stakeholders and reviews of the tool outputs, we provide a high-level estimate for your Microsoft SharePoint migration, including recommendations, constraints, and possible issues with migrating.​
Your SharePoint Discovery and Planning may also be paired with an Office 365 proof of concept.

Are you evaluating a Microsoft SharePoint deployment and seeking help scoping the project? Our Discovery and Planning services are often a fixed fee engagement and the right step to begin your Microsoft SharePoint project.

Contact us to learn more about the SharePoint Discovery + Planning.​​​​