Microsoft SQL Server Assessment

Marquam SQL Server Assessment

​​​​​​​​​​​Set Your Course With a Roadmap in Hand

You rely on Microsoft SQL Server to deliver business critical applications and insights, but are you positioned to get the most out of your data platform?

Our Microsoft SQL Server Assessment is designed to rapidly analyze your environme​nt and give you the information you need to make sounds decisions to move your organization forward. With a combination of automated tools and onsite workshops, we work with your team to understand current issues, evaluate future needs and deliver practical recommendations.​​


Before you take the first step of any journey you need to know exactly where you stand. Our assessment produces a complete inventory of your Microsoft SQL Server environment and associated workloads.


Reduce complexity and licensing costs by consolidating Microsoft SQL Server workloads. We identify your best opportunities to streamline your Microsoft SQL Server footprint.


Get the most from your data platform investment. Upgrade or migrate to get world class performance, functionality and value from Microsoft SQL Server.​

Marquam SQL Server Assessments may also be paired with an Azure SQL Database proof of concept.​​

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