Microsoft Teams

Quit Slacking and Integrate With Your Teams​

Of all the chat-based workspaces available, none compare to the level of productivity that Microsoft Teams offers. The new platform combines workplace chat, online meetings, file sharing and notes. As a part of the Office 365 productivity suite, it is already integrated with most associated applications. Further connectivity is hosted through extensions for non-Microsoft products.​




Microsoft Teams allow communities and groups to set up specific online teams to collaborate on activities, projects and programs. Within the individual teams, members can ​establish channels that act as topics of conversation. Group chat enhances teamwork and direct messaging allows members to communicate directly without the need for email or SMS.​


The new vision for intelligent communications in Office 365 introduces calling features and meeting enhancements within Microsoft Teams. Inbound calling and outbound calls to PSTN numbers are now possible including hold, call transfer and voicemail. Audio conferencing enables participants to join a Microsoft Teams meeting by dialing a telephone number and gives interoperability between Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business​​​.​



Outlook now supports scheduling of meetings through both Skype for Business and now through the Microsoft Teams add-in. This allows you to view, accept and join meeting the same way you have been doing for years. Add your entire team, contact groups or individual invitees and attendees outside of your organization can be included by adding them as guests.​

​​​​​Download the Microsoft Teams Resource Kit​