Sentinel Asset Monitor

​Always-on, Vigilance that Never Tires​

Many organizations rely on critical assets to ensure the smooth and safe operation of their business.
Equipment loss, failure and downtime are costly and sometime dangerous, yet human monitoring and
inspection can be both costly and less than reliable. The Sentinel Smart Asset Monitoring Platform allows
companies to quickly deploy automated asset monitoring without costly upgrades or retrofits to existing
equipment. Valuable personnel time no longer needs to be spent visiting and visually inspecting equipment. Simply deploy a low-cost camera and the Sentinel platform does the rest.

Artificial Intelligence and IoT Combine for Smart Monitoring

Sentinel uses advanced computer vision capabilities to analyze and act on what it sees. Configuration is
a matter of “training” the built in artificial intelligence to recognize conditions that are important to your
business. Once Sentinel learns those conditions, periodic reporting and real-time alerts can be sent to
the appropriate personnel for review or immediate action.
Sentinel doesn’t sleep, doesn’t complain and never misses a shift. It’s not afraid of heights, small spaces
or noxious fumes and if you ever need to change its assignment, it’s a ready learner that’s built to adapt.


  • Instantly increase inspection frequency
  • Cost-effective compliance​ for regulated equipment
  • Eliminates both the burden and cost of human inspectors

IoT Stack

  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Azure Custom Vision ​Service
  • Azure Function Apps
  • Azure SQL Database​

Sentinel™​ Manager

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure WebJobs
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Entity Framework 6​